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If you’ve been following along with our Croatia Yachting Series, you’ll know what’s up next: the famously decadent island of Hvar, where hazy, blissful days of swimming off your charter yacht are followed by nights of champagne-spraying abandon on moonlit terraces by the sea. Yet for all its sophistication, this is not just a party isle for the rich and famous. Hvar has many faces; ones that extend far past the romantic piazzas and glamorous rooftop bars of Hvar Town.

Rocky cliff with sea below, Hvar
Sunset on the island of Hvar, Croatia
Port of Hvar, palm lined promenade
Small boats explore cove, Hvar

Why Visit Hvar?

Inland, rolling lavender fields sit silent under the Mediterranean sun, while in the south, lonely red cliffs fall away into a turquoise sea and vineyards cloak sunny hillsides. In the north, Ancient Greek villages sit on colourful harbours as they have for centuries, and offshore, the Pakleni Islands are scattered like jewels through a sapphire sea.

To help you plan your perfect Croatia yacht charter itinerary, we’ve created this in-depth guide to chartering a yacht in Hvar and the Pakleni Islands.

Be warned though: you’ll want to stay more than a day!

A Potted History : Pirates, Venetians, and the ‘Hygienic Society of Hvar’

If a person was to sit themselves down on the smooth marble that paves the edge of Hvar Harbour, and imagine the course of history, watching the centuries pass by in a time-lapse blur, imagine what a story this island would tell!

The first known inhabitants were Neolithic peoples, whose Hvar civilisation is dated from 3500BC. The next to arrive were the piratical Illyrians, who then fought with the Greeks when they arrived in 385BC to set up their colony at Pharos. The Illyrians later fought with the Romans (they were feisty like that) when the Empire conquered the island in 219BC, before the Romans fell, leaving behind ruins of their grand villas and mud baths scattered across Hvar.

The Croatians arrived in the 7th century and spread the influence of Christianity, before the island was passed around like a geographical hot potato between the Byzantines, the Hungarians, the Venetians, and the Bosnian King.

Sunset on the island of Hvar, Croatia
Church tower next to beach, Hvar

Renaissance Style

This went on for several centuries, before the Venetians, the great merchant power of the Middle Ages, took formal control in 1420, bringing in a time of prosperity that would make Hvar the richest area in Dalmatia. Yet the Venetian rule was not without unrest and disaster: the Croats rebelled in 1510, and in 1570, the Turks attacked and burnt Hvar Town to the ground. The Venetians retained control until 1797 and rebuilt the city in the Renaissance style, and leaving behind a resplendent town for the new Austrian rulers to enjoy.

Yet the world was in flux, and the Austrians weren’t in power for long. Napoleon’s soldiers arrived to hold the island for France for a brief six years from 1806, before the island would fall back under Austrian control. The next century was a time of peace, during which locals set up Europe’s first tourist board in 1868, ‘The Hygienic Society of Hvar’, dedicated to building Hvar’s tourist offering.

Power would change hands again in 1918, when Italy was given Hvar in the spoils of the Great War, and yet again when Hvar became part of Yugoslavia in 1922.

Beautiful by the sea

During the next 20 years, Hvar built its reputation as an Adriatic tourist destination, as glamorous hotels and beach clubs attracted an upscale crowd. Fascist Italy controlled Hvar during WWII, before Hvar became part of the communist People’s Republic of Croatia.

During the Yugoslav War in the 1990’s, Hvar was blockaded and its airstrip bombed, and its glamorous hotels were full of refugees. The war over, Hvar became part of the modern-day Republic of Croatia, and tourists flooded in again.

Today, as you dine and drink and dance by the sea, it’s hard to believe that there has ever been war in a place as beautiful as this, let alone millennia of invasion and conflict. But then, after a few days on a yacht charter in Hvar, you might be tempted to fight for it too.

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With such a beguiling mix of glamour, historic charm, and natural beauty, it’s easy to see why Hvar and the Pakleni Islands have become the byword for superyacht charter glamour in the Adriatic. At Bespoke Yacht Charter we’ve spent a great deal of time on the island of Hvar, and have the local knowledge to help you craft the perfect tailored Hvar yacht charter.

Yet Hvar is not all there is to the Dalmatian archipelago. Watch out for the next destination in our Croatia Yachting Series, the mysterious island of Vis.

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