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Italian Riviera Yacht Charter

The Italian Riviera takes over where the French Riviera leaves off, sweeping in a long, beautiful curve from the vertiginous French-Italian border all the way to Tuscany’s northern edge.

Row of colourful buildings and store fronts Portofino
Hillside view of Hotel Splendido Portofino
Ornage and yellow buildings with balcony's in Manorola
Sailing yacht entering Liguria marina

Italian Riviera Yacht Charter : Finding La Dolce Vita

The Italian Riviera takes over where the French Riviera leaves off, sweeping in a long, beautiful curve from the vertiginous French-Italian border all the way to Tuscany’s northern edge. This is Liguria, a small Italian region of almost dazzling perfection, its dramatic cliffs falling away into blue-green sea and picturesque villages surrounded by terraces of olives, lemons and vines.

Style and Good Sense : Exploring the Italian Riviera by Superyacht

There is simply no better way to travel the Italian Riviera than by private yacht charter. Not only is it the most decadent way to travel and the one that affords the most spectacular views of the coastline, but it’s practical too—allowing you to avoid the clogged, narrow roads and the summertime crowds, simply dropping anchor and going ashore where you please.

You may wish to begin your yacht charter in Monaco, enjoying Michelin star dining and boutique shopping, before leaving Port Hercules and quickly crossing the Italian border. You’ll soon arrive in the Art Deco seaside resort of San Remo, before heading further down the coast to explore the ancient city of Genoa. Your yacht will then float along the plunging coast of the Cinque Terre with its multi-coloured villages, and finally back to glamorous Portofino on its deep emerald bay. Those with the luxury of a longer Italian yacht charter can easily continue onto Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast and Sicily.

Rooftops of buildings in Vernazza, Italy
Looking out to sea through stone arches, Scoglio Italy

Aristocrats, Artists, and Celebrities on the Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera has been attracting the well-heeled for centuries, European aristocrats leaving behind grand villas shaded by pines and swanky clifftop hotels. The allure of the Ligurian coast was irresistible to artists and writers too, who were attracted by the purity of the light, the jumble of almost impossibly colourful villages, and the mild climate.

Byron, Shelley, DH Laurence and Hemingway are just a few that fell in love with the Italian Riviera, and the movie stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age would follow suit, with Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly and Richard Burton just a few of the screen legends who couldn’t resist the charms of Portofino.

Today, the jet-set still flock here in the summer months to shop in the boutiques, breathe in the fresh scent of pine and sea, and eat in the fine restaurants that line the picturesque harbour in Portofino and the clifftop terraces of the Cinque Terre.

Cucina Povera by the Sea

Once referred to as ‘cucina povera’ for its reliance on humble local ingredients, there’s little that could be called ‘poor’ about the Ligurian cuisine now.

On a yacht charter on the Italian Riviera you’ll be treated to ripe red tomatoes crushed onto bruschetta with lashings of local olive oil, vibrant green pesto (Genovese, obviously) tossed through spaghetti with tearings of sweet basil, and silvery whole fish grilled on platters scattered with wedges of the bright yellow lemons that hang heavy from the local orchards.

The local vineyards produce wine from the Sciacchetra grape, which ends up on your restaurant table, the waiter plonking down a carafe and some tumblers with a thud and a rather pleasing lack of ceremony. Later will come the grappa or the icy-cold Limoncello to finish the meal, as you sit on a restaurant terrace high above the sea, surrounded by bougainvillea and happily replete.

Highlights of an Italian Riviera Yacht Charter

San Remo

Also known as the ‘City of Flowers’, the seaside resort of San Remo has a charming sense of fading glamour…


While Genoa isn’t always considered a glamorous superyacht destination, there’s a genuine majesty to this…

The Cinque Terre

Floating along the Cinque Terre in a superyacht is a scene out of a dream. Towering cliffs—folded and grooved…


It’s hard not to gasp as you enter the deep emerald waters of Portofino, where dolphins play as they’ve done…

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In such a splendid place, is all too easy to imagine all the celebrities and dignitaries who have walked this way before you on the dreamy Italian Riviera, right back to the days of ancient empires when the Romans saw the dolphins playing in the blue-green waters of Portofino.

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