A Mindful Yacht Charter : Wellness and Mindfulness Retreats on Luxury Yachts

Bespoke Yacht Charter's Guide to Wellness on Luxury Yachts, from yoga to mindfullness and massage.

A Mindful Yacht Charter : Wellness and Mindfulness Retreats on Luxury Yachts

Could there be a better way to unwind and detach from the worries of the world than with a wellness and mindfulness charter on a superyacht?

A yacht is the perfect floating wellness and mindfulness retreat, as you cast off from land for seven dreamy days of yoga and massages, meditation and relaxation.

On a charter yacht, all the constant chores and relentless busyness of modern life disappear, to be replaced by an effort-free existence of extraordinary luxury, and extraordinary peace.

Next summer, why not retreat from the world with a wellness yacht charter?

Yoga on the beach

Find Bliss on a Mindfulness Yacht Charter

Mindfulness is about reconnecting with the senses, and with the self.

It’s learning to let go of the constant dialogue of a busy mind, and concentrating fully on the sights and the smells and the sounds around you. When mindful, you think of only the moment you’re in, nothing else.

And where better to do that than on a superyacht charter, where every moment is blissful?

Sunbathing motor yacht PERPETUAL

A Mindful Day on a Wellness Yacht Charter

Imagine starting your day with yoga on the sundeck, breathing in the fresh morning air and watching the sun’s early rays dapple the sea pink.

Or meditating on the swim platform, your legs dangling in the cool, soft water, your eyes closed, listening to the lap of water on the hull and the slowing beat of your heart. The mind becomes still, the world falls away.

Yoga on yacht CHAKRA
Yoga on CHAKRA yacht

The morning is spent diving or snorkelling, your eyes wide behind your mask, a kaleidoscope of colour and life all around you, the shards of light bending in a sunlit sea.

You spend a long lunch on deck, actually stopping to savour each bite, feeling the afternoon breeze waft across your salty skin, hearing the jumble and clink of ice cubes as the stewardess tops up your glass. Relax back in your chair, feeling the sun-warmed teak beneath your feet, your body sinking into the cushions.

Deck of sailing yacht PANTHALASSA

After lunch you might lie in a beach hammock or do some yoga on the paddleboards, before returning to your yacht for a massage, smelling the fragrant jasmine oil and feeling the knots in tired muscles melt away.

In a state of bliss, you retire to your cabin for an afternoon nap, watching the reflections of the water glimmer across the ceiling, and feel the silky softness of the sheets as you drift into a dreamless sleep.

Yacht Jacuzzi

Upon waking you head to the sundeck for a soak in the Jacuzzi, or lie back with a book on a deckchair. You join the others for an end of day yoga session, saluting the sun once more as it dips beneath the horizon.

Before long the yacht is powering through the sea to the next destination, the breeze whipping through your hair and the smell of salt spray in your nose as the long twilight fades into night, lights twinkling on a distant shore.

Dining on deck night superyacht MARAYA

You drop anchor and dine by starlight, surrounded by a silvery sea. Everyone at peace.

The days on charter pass in a perfect haze of sights and sounds, tastes and touch. Sun-warmed decks and waves crashing on the sand, salt spray and warm breezes.

Seabob onboard a Mangusta Yacht
Mangusta Yachts

A yacht charter is so full of pleasure and relaxation, that it almost forces you to be fully in the moment. After all, when life is this good in the moment you’re living, why would you want to think about anything else?

Lie Back and Enjoy 7-Star Service

One of the highlights of any yacht charter is the fact that you don’t have to lift a finger, and that every single crew member is there to support your wellness and mindfulness goals.

The stewardesses ensure that your cabin is spotless, and your meals served at beautifully dressed tables. They’re always on hand to make you a fresh juice or smoothie, or bring you an ice-cold bottle of water as you finish your yoga class.

Stand Up Paddleboards and Kayaks on Luxury Charter Yacht

The deckhands are there to take you to coral reefs, teach you to use the watertoys, or follow you in the tender as you swim to a nearby beach. They’re always ready with a fresh towel or soft robe, and you always feel safe and well-looked after.

The captain is there to plan your days, coming to your breakfast table to suggest beautiful anchorages, rainforest walks, or book you into a world-class spa. They’ll plan a bespoke itinerary that will be so full of life-affirming moments that you’ll never, ever want to leave.

A Private Chef to Support Your Wellness Goals

As for the food, a private yacht is the ultimate choice for mindfulness and health retreats. The yacht comes complete with a highly trained private chef, who will provision the yacht and prepare menus in line with your health goals.

Beautiful sushi on superyacht

Unlike a resort or hotel restaurant where you are limited to the choices on offer, the entire menu will be whatever you require for wellness, whether that be paleo, raw-food, slow food, organic, or gluten free. Yacht chefs are trained in multiple cuisines and extremely familiar with special diets, meaning that you won’t ever feel uncomfortable asking for something different, or be worried about triggering any allergies or intolerances.

Grilled scallop and egg salad

And fear not: just because you’re eating healthily on charter, doesn’t mean you won’t be eating the best food of your life. A yacht charter is a culinary journey to remember, and the nutritious, delicious foods leave you feeling energised and ready to dive into the day.

Asian grilled prawn salad

Some yachts have chefs that are particularly well-known for their health conscious cooking, so please get in contact to find out which yachts are outstanding for wellness charters.

Wellness Amenities on Yachts

Many yachts in the charter fleet have decadent facilities to enhance a wellness yacht charter. Larger superyachts often come with their own day spa, with saunas, treatment rooms, and even beauty salons. A large number of yachts also now carry specialised crew for wellness, such as masseuses, beauticians, and yoga and fitness instructors.

Jacuzzi on superyacht SOLANDGE

However, while all these added extras are wonderful and will no doubt add to the decadence quota of your yacht charter, all these amenities and special skills aren’t necessary for a wellness and mindfulness yacht charter. The captain can very easily organise masseuses to come to the yacht, or you can also plan your trip to visit some of the most famous wellbeing temples in the world, such as the spas found along the French Riviera.

Spa on superyacht MOONLIGHT II

You can also bring along yoga instructors, mindfulness coaches, or masseuses for the trip, and you can often include them as ‘supernumerary’ crew so that you don’t have to limit your guest numbers.

Basically, as long as you have decks to do yoga on, a nice place to meditate, a health-conscious chef, and beautiful scenery to enjoy, you have all the ingredients necessary for a dreamy wellness yacht charter.

A Welcome Detox from Technology

Although charter yachts come equipped with Wi-Fi, satellite communications, and high-tech entertainment systems, you’ll almost certainly find you willingly enter a state of tech detox onboard.

After all, why would you want to be scrolling through Facebook, looking at friends’ lives and the latest political outrage, when you are living a life of perfection?

After the first flurry of taking photos of the yacht, you’ll soon find your phone is forgotten, left behind in a cabin drawer, as you sink deeper into a life of massages and meditation by the sparkling sea.

Swim platform on superyacht O'Mega

Organising a Mindful Yacht Charter

A wellness yacht charter might be with a group of like-minded friends or even strangers through an organised group, all who feel the need get some breathing space from our busy, chaotic world.

Or you might come on a yacht charter with your family, and choose to indulge in all the wellness activities on offer, making a mindful charter out of a family holiday—if even just for you. After all, you don’t need company to enjoy meditation, yoga, or massage, and you can definitely ask the chef and the captain to create tailored food and experiences for you that the other members of your group don’t need to share.

Yacht O'Mega Hammock

Whether with others or alone, a mindfulness and wellness yacht charter is the perfect way to detach from your cares and focus on yourself.

Real life feels far away on a luxury yacht, and it is all too easy to sink into the moment, reconnect with the self, and forget that the world exists. It’s just easier to be mindful at sea.

As a retreat from the world and an immersion in self-care, there can be no better experience than a mindfulness and wellness yacht charter.

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