MIPIM 2018 : Mapping World Urbanity

MIPIM 2018 will be hosted in Cannes from 13–16 March 2018 and continues as one of the world's largest events for global property professionals. Read all about it in this guide from Bespoke Yacht Charter.

MIPIM 2018 : Mapping World Urbanity

MIPIM 2018 will be hosted in Cannes from 13–16 March 2018 and continues as one of the world’s largest events for global property professionals.

Hosted at the Palais des Festivals, which is a key venue for other major Cannes events including Cannes Lions, Cannes Film Festival and MAPIC, over 24,000 participants will be inspired and make new discoveries during four days of intensive networking, conferences about property trends and the MIPIM Awards.

What to expect at MIPIM 2018

The MIPIM 2018 theme is ‘Mapping World Urbanity’ and delegates can anticipate that city administrations will be aiming to discuss key policy issues that cities are facing globally. The question asked will be ‘What will urban life be like in 2030, or even 2050?’.

Expect to hear about the evolution of Building Information Modelling (BIM), modular construction projects, green construction as well as advancement and application of technology in the sector such as VR, AR, 3D printing and innovations for smart cities.

Why go to MIPIM?

The global construction industry is forecast to grow by 3.6% this year (stat: Turner & Townsend) so anyone who works in international commercial real estate is watching the space; MIPIM is the main event for many.

The MIPIM 2018 programme will highlight international real estate projects from 100 countries that will cover the best of portfolio management, property usage, urban planning, funding and design. Subsequently, the whole property industry is at MIPIM and it is an ideal opportunity to connect with key people for future business development.

MIPIM 2018 Must Dos

Focused on the MIPM theme, future urban development will have a big place in the MIPIM 2018 programme – don’t miss visiting the Grand Paris Pavilion, Luxembourg National Pavilion, Holland Metropole Stand and the London Stand.

Network with other MIPIM professionals at the dedicated exhibition zones for Hotel & Tourism, Proptech & Innovation and Healthcare.

Naturally, Cannes loves to be the place to hand out awards! The AR MIPIM Future Project Awards celebrate unbuilt or incomplete projects across 12 categories, pencil in the awards dinner for Wednesday 14th March. The much anticipated MIPIM Awards will celebrate the industry’s leading projects with winners being announced on Thursday 15th March at the Grand Auditorium in the Palais des Festivals.

The MIPIM crowd aren’t the type to shun entertainment and parties – The Legal & General Real Assets Cycle to MIPIM (Club Peloton) deserve to pop the Champagne after 150 industry professionals complete a fundraising cycle from London to Cannes, MIPIM Ladies will be partying at ‘New York, New York’ on the Thursday or wrangle your way into the party plans for the London Stand who are marking their 25th anniversary at MIPIM. Of course, the glamour of Cannes is evident in the evenings when the yacht parties start!

Leading up to MIPIM in Cannes, you can also join other networking events elsewhere that aim to connect industry professionals and foster new business leads such as MIPIM Yes Oui Cannes that will be hosted in London in late-February.

Fast Tips for MIPIM 2018

Navigating MIPIM as a first timer can be daunting. Here are Bespoke Yacht Charter’s fast tips for getting the most out of your MIPIM experience:

Plan in advance – Once in Cannes, it is very easy to get caught up in plans of other participants and get side tracked with some serious partying on the Croisette! Stick to your MIPIM goals by planning the sessions you’d like to attend and use the MIPIM online database to connect with delegates.

Business cards – Take enough business cards with you. When you receive one from a MIPIM prospect, write a short note on the back about the project the person is working on and your insights into how you can work together. This quick tip will help you differentiate people when you return home and are sending follow up emails.

Consider Wifi – The Wifi in the Palais is notoriously sketchy during big events and not all restaurants and hotels in Cannes have good Wifi. It can pay to take portable Wifi with you.

What to wear – MIPIM is fairly smart but you won’t need black tie attire. The most important thing to plan for is the weather; Cannes in March can alternate between warm days and spells of rain. Evenings can be cool so take something warm, as well as a small travel umbrella. Most importantly, wear comfortable footwear as you’ll be dashing around between client meetings – ladies, take a pair of flats.

Eat healthy and have a break – MIPIM days are long and can stretch out from breakfast meetings to lunch dates and late-night drinks. If you’re not enjoying the bespoke catering on board your private yacht, take a walk to have a break from the event and try to fit in some healthy food options. Head to La Meissouniere (15 rue du 24 aout) or Pure Restaurant (88 rue Meynadier) for some healthy food options to give you a boost.

MIPIM Yacht Charters

With over 60 successful MIPM yacht charters to our credit, we have the expertise to handle your berth application and associated paperwork – berth applications for MIPIM 2018 close early February so don’t miss out!

Yacht ANTISAN on charter with LaSalle at MIPIM
Yacht ANTISAN on charter with LaSalle at MIPIM


Our full event planning service means you have professional, unbiased advice to find a suitable yacht that fulfils your budget, accommodation needs, branding and entertainment requirements whether you aim to host prospective clients for a meeting or throw a chic cocktail party.

Plan of MIPIM yacht berths

Property, much like arranging a yacht charter, is a people business so if you intend to charter a yacht at MIPIM, Bespoke Yacht Charter can help arrange this so you retain or create a memorable profile amongst industry peers.

Written by Rebecca Whitlocke on behalf of Bespoke Yacht Charter.

If your company is attending MIPIM 2018 and you would like to discuss the possibility of a MIPIM yacht charter, please contact Alex Coles at Bespoke Yacht Charter:


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