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Carpeted with silver-green olive trees and Aleppo pines, the mountainous island of Brac rises out of the Adriatic like a rugged jewel. Colourful fishing boats tie up at pretty harbours, shaded by exotic palms and Renaissance buildings carved from the dazzling white limestone of Brac, most famously used in the construction of America’s White House.

Milna Waterfront, Brac Cratia
Church tower rises above Lozisco Brac, Croatia
Buildings along seafront, Brac Croatia
Panorama framed with greenery, Brac Beach, Croatia

Why Visit Brac

Many Croatia charter yachts will visit Brac merely to drop anchor off the beach at Bol, the spectacular shape-shifting beach known for its magical powers, or the ancient stonemasonry village of Pucisca, a seaside hamlet so pretty it almost belongs in a fairy tale. Yet there is so very much more to see on the island of Brac, whether you’re diving sea caves and abandoned submarine pens, or summiting a mountain to drink in the views all the way to Italy.

This summer, Brac deserves your full attention on a Croatia yacht charter. Bespoke Yacht Charter have created this in-depth charter guide to Brac as part of our ongoing Croatia Yachting Series.

Slaves, olive trees, and resistance: A potted history of Brac

Brac’s human history goes back a long, long way, stretching well beyond classical antiquity into the Mesolithic Age. The oldest Bronze Age axe ever found in the Adriatic, was found in a cave on Brac, where tens of thousands of animal bones and primitive tools still lie in the vast cave halls.

We’re more familiar with what, or who comes next— the arrival of the piratical Illyrians, who would name the island ‘Brentos’, for the deer that roamed through the forested hills. The ancient Greeks then staked their claim, and the Romans in their wake, who used their slaves to quarry the white limestone of Brac and transport it to Split for Diocletian’s grand palace, made celluloid-famous as Daenery’s Throne Room in Game of Thrones.

Buildings along seafront, Brac Croatia
Sand spit, Zlatni Rat beach Bol Island, Brac Croatia

A Beautiful Island

The Slavs would arrive in the early Middle Ages and begin the reign of the early Croat kings. The Byzantines would have their turn, the Republic of Dubrovnik too, as well as the pirates of Omis.

Yet (as in most parts of Dalmatia), it was the merchant power of Venice that really left their mark over their centuries of rule, leaving behind gothic and renaissance architecture, as well as olive trees in their millions, after a 17th century decree stated that a man could not marry if he did not plant 100 olive trees, and heavy penalties applied for any who cut one down.

The Napoleonic Wars threw the region into turmoil, and the now-familiar tale of empire played out between the French, the Hapsburgs, England, Russians, and Austro Hungarians. And through it all, the villagers of Brac continued on as they always had: farming sheep, fishing and making wine and olive oil as waves of history crashed upon their beautiful island.

Just One Brac

In 1918, Croatia would become part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and during the Second World War the proud people of Brac mounted a fierce resistance against the Italian fascist troops who occupied the island as they burnt houses, killed villagers, and sent any resisters off to concentration camps. It was a dark time in the history of Brac, and many would leave the island after the war years, emigrating to the Americas and Australia, creating generations of migrants who would always feel torn between their new world, and their old island home.

For many years, the word Brac actually meant ‘island’ to the people of Split, so depending on how far the locals travelled from Split, they would name all the islands of Dalmatia as ‘Brac 1’, ‘Brac 2’, ‘Brac 3’.

Today, there is just one Brac, and it is magnificent!

What To Do

Bol Beach

We shall begin, as you almost certainly shall, at the beach of Zlatni Rat, most commonly known as Bol Beach.

Submarine Pen

If you didn’t get a chance to do this on Vis, don’t miss out here on Brac, where there are two WWII...

Cave Diving

Brac offers some good diving, and some of the finest is found at Lucice Island just off the coast, where the…

Ancient Village of Skrip

While Skrip’s current form was built in medieval times from the island’s beautiful white stone, the 3000 year…

Vidova Gora Peak

Vidova Gora is the mountain that you look up at from the deck of your yacht at Bol Beach. At 778m, the peak…

Blaca Monastery

In the 15th century, the Ottoman invasion of Dalmatia led Christian monks from the mainland to find…

Olive and Wine Country

In 1655, the Venetians issued a decree that the island of Brac was to be planted in millions of olive trees.

Visit Pucisca

Pucisca is the ancient home of the stonemasons of Brac, who became so respected that peasants…

Delicious Cuisine

Whether it’s stuffed Butalac lamb that tastes of the herbs that grow wild in the hills, Procip sheep-milk cheese…

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On the beautiful Croatian island of Brac, locals greet you with ‘malo pomalo’, which translates best as ‘take it easy’. On Brac, I’m not sure you’ll have much choice. If you’re looking for an authentic Croatian experience of genuine beauty and tranquillity, as well as one of the finest beaches and prettiest villages in all of Europe, the island of Brac is a must-visit on your Croatia yacht charter.

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