Exciting Experiences on a Superyacht Charter

Discover some of the most Exciting Experiences on a Superyacht Charter in this Guide from Bespoke Yacht Charter.

Exciting Experiences on a Superyacht Charter

If you’ve been thinking about chartering a superyacht for a while, no doubt you have a picture of what life will be like on board, and if we can hazard a guess, it probably looks something like this:

Sleep late. Swim off the superyacht. Eat breakfast on deck. Snorkel/dive/jetski. Visit amazing beach. Have lunch at a glamorous beach club. Head to the spa for a massage. Shop in classy little boutiques and galleries. Return to superyacht. Work on tan, laze about in Jacuzzi, fall asleep on deckchair. Dress up for sunset cocktails on sundeck, sit down for a candlelit dinner cooked by the yacht’s private chef. Head ashore to find the party, return to the superyacht as the sky starts to lighten. Sleep. Repeat.

Silver Wind yacht aerial view with toys


Are we right? Is that what you think superyacht chartering is all about? Well you’d be almost right, as these things really do happen on a typical, ‘run of the mill’ day on superyacht charter. In fact, the superyacht lifestyle is a heady blur of decadence and indulgence, beautiful views and exotic places.

But that’s not all it is!

There are experiences on superyachts that thrill you, and have you buzzing with excitement for days. There are things that you don’t quite expect when you board a superyacht, and there are all manner of adventurous activities you can find along the way.

Paragliding over the French Alps

Superyachts offer far more than just swimming and dining and swanning around at beach clubs. (Although that’s all very nice too.) The yachting experience is often surprising, and is only limited by your imagination. And the superyacht industry is evolving as it grows, with more personalised, bespoke experiences now on the agenda.

S7 Yacht chase boat alongside
S7 Yacht


Here are some experiences that Bespoke Yacht Charter believe might have you tipping over the edge and booking that superyacht charter:

Dolphins, dolphins, everywhere

You’ll quickly realise that superyachts are dolphin magnets. There’s nothing like standing on the bow of a superyacht in the wind, watching as dolphins streak in to play in the bow wave and do flips in the wake. As you lean over the capping rail to look at them, one of the dolphins flips over on their backs and looks right up at you, and you’d almost swear it’s smiling. As for you, you’re smiling fit to burst.

Dolphins off bow of yacht

When you add in the whales, turtles, manta rays and swimming pigs you can see from your superyacht, you can understand why wildlife encounters are often the thing that elevates a lovely superyacht charter to one that you’ll remember until your dying day.

Pig swimming off a beach in the Bahamas

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Once in a lifetime experiences

You will return from your superyacht charter utterly relaxed, without a shadow of a doubt. But if adventure is what you seek, adventure you shall find. A big thrill for many divers is a night dive with sharks, while for others it’s the activities on land that interest them, such as white water rafting, a Cannes shopping experience with a stylist, or driving a race track in a supercar. The yachting industry is pushing the boundaries of what used to be expected on a superyacht charter, with a rise in bespoke experiences such as an SAS training day hosted onboard, cooking lessons and market tours with the chef, or a quad-biking treasure hunt on an island.

Rafting in the Gorges du Verdon, southern France

Bespoke Yacht Charter strongly recommend that if you’re in the market for something different, you let your charter broker know of your preferences for activities, interests and sports before your charter; that way they’ll be able to help the captain plan a great itinerary and come up with some experiences that will blow you away. Remember though, if anything strikes your fancy along the way, just ask. The real advantage of a superyacht charter holiday is that the trip is extremely flexible, and wherever possible, your wish is the crew’s command.

Venture into the wild

Increasingly, superyachts aren’t just for refined, celebrity destinations like St Tropez and St Barts (although they’re obviously fabulous in those places). Yacht owners and charterers are getting increasingly adventurous, and the yachting map is opening up new superyacht destinations like Thailand and New Zealand, Micronesia and Norway. Even Antarctica is now on the cruising route for the growing number of superyachts with ice breaking hulls.

Dining on pier in Thailand

So don’t be limited by the idea of yachts being just for the well-travelled paths in the Med and Caribbean, or just for a sunshine and beaches kind of holiday. Just imagine kayaking through icebergs in Patagonia, or watching killer whales and grizzly bears in Alaska. Perhaps you’d like to cruise the Baltic and arrive in St Petersburg by superyacht, or have a yacht and ski holiday under the northern lights in Norway.

SHERAKHAN yacht water toys


These incredible machines are built to cross oceans. So get out there and explore.

Follow your passions

The yachting world is (finally!) starting to realise the potential of a themed superyacht  charter, where like-minded people can follow their passions on a luxury journey by sea. Of course, superyachts have long been the way to do a dive trip, but what about all the other interests people have? An art-themed yacht charter down the French Riviera is endlessly fascinating for art-lovers, a food and wine tour in Sicily is pure bliss for the gourmand, and ancient history lovers can do no better than a superyacht charter in Greece or Turkey.

Church on the Italian island of Sicily

Cruise ships and study tours have long known the lure of the special interest holiday. Superyachts simply have the capacity, luxury, and flexibility to do it better.

Sometimes the simple things really are the best

Did you know that your favourite evening on board will probably be a beach barbecue? No, didn’t think you would, but for some reason the yacht beach barbecue has been the highlight of too many superyacht charters to count.

Of course, it’s not your average barbecue. There’s white cloth tables and lanterns, people to wait on you, and a private chef grilling fresh-caught lobster and fish over the grill. Music is playing, moonlight turns the water silver, and the adults are relaxing over a long dinner while the children paddle with the deckhands at the water’s edge.

Thumper yacht top deck jacuzzi


And of course, the beach in question is secluded, with no people in sight. Even better if you’re cruising somewhere with sandbars, so you’re dining in the middle of the sea on strip of starlit sand, the candles burning brightly against the night. From billionaire oligarchs on their 10th superyacht charter through to a novice charterer, nobody but nobody can withstand the charm of a superyacht beach barbecue.

Feel the yacht’s power under you

The final one on the list may seem mundane, but for anyone who’s ever stood at the back of a superyacht feeling the slight hum of the engines underfoot, watching the land drop away and the yacht’s flag flapping in the breeze, it makes perfect sense.

33m yacht Antisan at speed from a helicopter


For sailing yacht guests, it’s the soft hiss of the hull sliding through the water, the soft billow and snap of canvas as it catches the wind.

There’s a power and freedom to this life that is utterly addictive. The feeling of being at sea, the scenery slipping past, has transfixed the human imagination for millennia, and as the yacht turns for the first exotic destination on your itinerary, it’s hard not to feel the thrill of it— the sheer adventure of it all—run up your spine.

MINOR FAMILY AFFAIR Yacht at anchor in Theoule


Your imagination is the limit of what you can do on a superyacht vacation. And while there’s a lot of things you may expect when it comes to the level of pampering and glamour you’ll enjoy (and you’d be right), we bet there are a few things about the yachting experience that take you wonderfully, blissfully by surprise. Bespoke Yacht Charter can’t wait to find out what your eureka moment is.

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