Health & Wellness On Board Luxury Yachts

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Health & Wellness On Board Luxury Yachts

Pamper Yourself On Board a Superyacht

The Mediterranean provides idyllic opportunities to charter a luxury yacht for the purposes of health and wellness, and any yacht charter itinerary can incorporate bespoke options to leave your body recharged and your soul rejuvenated.

Imagine enjoying a yoga session on the sun deck in the magical French Riviera morning light that Matisse and Renoir loved, or listening to the sound of gently lapping waves as you receive a soothing massage on the state deck whilst on an Amalfi Coast yacht charter.

From occasional beauty treatments to full-time fitness trainers, you can choose to pamper yourself and take time out, or return to shore in top shape ready to face the world again.

Health and Wellness on Luxury Yacht Charters

Today’s luxury charter yachts are built with visions beyond merely providing a treadmill or rowing machine on the aft deck, with the importance of health and wellness becoming more mainstream as a lifestyle choice.

Bespoke Yacht Charter have access to a range of luxury yachts that provide exceptional facilities for on board health and wellness.

In addition to ‘in situ’ facilities, our yacht charter brokers can give guidance on qualified professionals who can accompany your charter and offer:

  • Acupuncture
  • Beauty treatments – facials, manicures, pedicures, body wraps etc
  • Massages – traditional Swedish or Thai, deep tissue sports massage, hot stone, Indian head, Ayurvedic etc
  • Meditation and mind coaching sessions
  • Nutrition and detox plans
  • Personal training sessions
  • Yoga and Pilates instruction

Yacht charter guests can integrate a luxury yacht’s equipment such as kayaks, paddle boards, swim aids and exercise equipment into their fitness schedules. On board training can also be combined with land-based activities such as cycling, hiking, or CrossFit and beach sprints.

To accompany tailored wellness regimes, a luxury yacht chef can prepare a tantalising array of health-boosting cuisine embodying wholegrains, fresh juices, herbal teas, grilled vegetables and organic salads – don’t be shy to make your wishes known in advance if you desire a macrobiotic, alkaline or raw food diet. Even desserts can be whipped up with lower sugar and/or fat content if you still want to indulge in the occasional treat!

Lady giving massage onboard a superyacht

Interview with the Experts

Choosing a highly-skilled health and wellness professional can be a minefield for luxury yacht charter guests, so it pays to garner advice from your yacht charter broker.

Bespoke Yacht Charter have a selection of exceptional beauticians, massage therapists, nutrition advisors and personal trainers that we call upon when we need that extra finishing touch to complement your charter experience – two of them kindly shared their thoughts with us about providing high standards of service for our discerning clients.

Emmeline Gee is a qualified massage therapist and yoga instructor who owns Angels on Board, and Linda Hedenstrom is a former Olympian and CEO of Yacht Fitness.

Why is the environment of a private yacht charter ideal for a health and wellness retreat?

Emmeline: On a private yacht charter, you have a team of people completely dedicated to your wellbeing and relaxation.

Top class chefs can create bespoke healthy menus, or help you plan a tasty and nutritional detox, including green juices, superfoods and raw food.

You set your own itinerary, so you can find your very own paradise in the most spectacular locations in the world.

On board spa therapists and fitness trainers can offer treatments and bespoke workouts to make you feel incredible. With this approach, by the end of the holiday you’ll feel and look like a new person.

Linda: Fresh air, water, sunshine and relaxation are all fantastic ingredients for a healthy retreat.

The outdoor environment have inspired our bespoke workouts and our clients love our concept.

We mix fun with fitness, and as humans we all are inspired by our environment and there is no better place to be than by water which makes the body relaxed, revitalized and happy.

We based our workouts on scientific research and on a yacht clients can experience the ultimate health-conscious retreat holiday.

Spending time on board at sea means guests can enjoy stunning anchorages that offer respite from daily routines. Where are your top Mediterranean locations for enhancing relaxation?

Emmeline: For a relaxing and healthy yacht charter, I think Mallorca offers an ideal combination of peaceful anchorages, exciting outdoors activities, and delicious healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

For fitness enthusiasts, there is world class cycling, climbing and deep water soloing in the Tramuntana Mountains.

My suggestion for a perfect day would be to anchor at the stunning Sa Colobra, starting the morning with some yoga on deck in the shadow of the majestic mountains. After breakfast, take a hike up the canyon, and a snorkel in the turquoise sea, later returning to the yacht for a deep tissue or Thai massage. Amazing!

I also love the natural beauty that Croatia has to offer, especially the waterfalls of the Krka National Park.

Linda: I personally love the Amalfi Coast with its dramatic scenery and many exciting spots to anchor at for a day visit.

Cruising around the Greek Islands is also a fantastic summer vacation option with its stunning cliff scenery and white washed buildings.

The last spot needs to be a tie between Montenegro and Monaco, which are places you will always have a fun stay and enjoy many relaxed activities.

The Amalfi Coast

Why would you recommend yacht charter guests have dedicated spa therapists or masseuses on board?

Emmeline: Having dedicated wellness professionals on board is the ultimate in luxury.

A yacht charter is the ideal opportunity to kick-start a fitness programme, try out the power of Pilates, or deepen your yoga practice – even in a week you’ll notice a big difference. And having a daily massage treatment is the biggest gift for your body and mind.

As one of my clients said recently, ‘Having a massage on deck, breathing in the fresh sea air whilst listening to the sound of the ocean, takes relaxation to a whole new level’.

Guests feel completely rejuvenated by the end of the trip; that’s true paradise for the mind, body and soul.

Linda: We make your yacht holiday unique and complete! We show you that you can enjoy fun activities, luxury days and also be healthy – all at the same time.

After indulging in tasteful food we will guide you through fun and bespoke workouts, followed by a relaxing treatment from one of our therapists.

Who wouldn’t want to look your best, feel your best as well as have a fun holiday? With us at Yacht Fitness you can!

Spas, salons and a dose of salt air

Bespoke Yacht Charter are available for any questions relating to yacht charters on a number of premier luxury yachts with excellent wellness facilities including:

  • Popular charter option 63-metre Feadship Lady Britt with Finnish sauna, gym and hair salon.
  • Highly sought-after Solandge, the Lürssen-built winner of the 2014 ‘La Belle Classe Superyachts’ Award from the Yacht Club of Monaco complete with chromotherapy spa with hammam and massage room, and a jacuzzi on the top deck.

We would like to extend a thank you to Emmeline Gee and Linda Hedenstrom for taking time out of their busy charter season to speak to us.

This article was written by Rebecca Whitlocke, who with over 10 years travel industry experience loves to share ‘must-do’ destination tips and hidden spots to discover in France and beyond.

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