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Floating through the Dalmatian archipelago, it’s almost impossible not to play a game of ‘what’s your favourite Croatian island’. Maybe as yacht charter brokers we’re not meant to play favourites, but here’s ours.

Superyacht anchored off Korcula
Sailing yachts moored up, Korcula Town
Small white boat moored at Korcula beach

Why Visit Korcula?

The Croatian island of Korcula has a special place in our hearts, charming us shamelessly with its ‘mini-Dubrovnik’ medieval city and wonderful wine culture. Offshore, Korcula’s tiny archipelago lures charter yachts to drop anchor in blue-green coves, and along the heavily indented coastline, breathtaking beaches are backed by shady pines and silvery-green hills of olive and vines.

Of course, Korcula might not be your favourite place to visit on a Croatia yacht charter. We figure there’s only one way to find out, which is why we’ve created this Croatia Yachting Series, focussing in depth on each major Croatian yachting destination so you can make the most of your Dalmatian yacht charter itinerary.

Korcula is the third in our deep-dive series, following Dubrovnik and Mljet. This Mediterranean summer, why not discover your very own favourite destination with a Croatia luxury yacht charter?

Black Corfu, Nazis, and the Game of Empires :
The Rich History of Korcula

The history of Korcula is the history of the Great European empires, surging and falling over two millennia, leaving behind the superb melange of culture, cuisine, and architecture that makes Korcula so special to visit.

When the ancient Greeks arrived by boat in the 4th century BC, they would call the island Black Corfu (Melania Corkyra), for the dense pine forest looked like a thick cloak of darkness draped over a mountainous island that reminded them of their own beautiful Corfu. As you approach in your Croatia charter yacht, you may well see what they meant.

After the Greeks, it was the Romans’ turn at ruling Korcula. The Byzantine Empire then had their day, before Venice stepped in, retaining control (on and off) until their empire crumbled in the late 1700s.

Superyacht anchored off Korcula

Olives On Terraces By The Sea

Korcula then got passed around in the great game of empires that consumed the 19th century—the Austrians, French, and Russians would all stake their claim, and the British (never ones to resist the heady call of empire-expansion) planted their flag for a brief but productive two years from 1813.

And still the empires came, with control of this quiet, pretty island being shunted between the great powers like a minor prize that never quite settled with its new owners. The Austro Hungarians ruled for a while, then the Italians had a go, before Korcula finally became of part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

That’s a lot of empires, and you can only wonder how the locals felt, as another great power stalked in to assert their rule. You might imagine the villagers started to ignore the word from the top after a while, carrying on about their lives of fishing and farming vines and olives on terraces by the sea.

Naturally Peaceful

But then the Nazis came, and in their wake, the Allied bombers, and nobody could ignore that, as bombs fell heavy on old Korcula town. The damage was restored—you can scarcely credit it now as you walk through the magnificently medieval city—but the game of thrones was not over just yet, with Communist rule and the War of Yugoslavia still to come.

When the dust finally settled in the 1990s, Croatia would become part of the Independent Republic of Croatia. And may it stay that way for many years to come, for it is only fitting that a place as naturally peaceful as Korcula should finally enjoy some peace of its own.

What To Do

Korcula Town

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Bar & Dining

As the sun starts to fall in the sky, take an early evening stroll along the bustling seafront promenade…

Visit A Beach

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Marco Polo

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Local Traditions

Despite (or perhaps because of) its tumultuous history of outside rulers, Korcula has held on strong…

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Book a Korcula Yacht Charter

With so much to see and do, it’s not hard to see why Korcula wins the Bespoke Yacht Charter vote as our favourite Croatian Island.

At least, it wins it for the moment.

For in Croatia, with so much beauty and history to bewitch you, these allegiances can be fickle, changing day by day as you drop anchor in yet another Adriatic paradise of crystal clear coves and ancient villages.

Your favourite might be Korcula, or it might be Dubrovnik, or it might be the next island in our Croatia Yachting Series, the glamorous, lavender-scented island of Hvar.

To check availability and book a charter, please get in touch with Bespoke Yacht Charter today.