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Backed by grey-green mountains and edged by the deep blue Adriatic, Split is a buzzing city of palm trees and promenades, palaces and beach clubs.

Panorama of Split, Croatia
Panorama of Split, Croatia
Klis fortress high in the hillside, Split Croatia

Why Visit Split?

On a yacht charter in Split you can dine inside the ruins of a Roman palace, dance in a city square surrounded by ancient columns, or party with the beautiful people on a moonlit terrace by the sea.

For fans of Game of Thrones, Split is a film-set paradise, foodies will delight in the city’s fine restaurants and produce markets, and history buffs have thousands of years of human history to explore at every turn.

There is something for everyone in this ancient, bustling city, where every day of summer feels like a party just waiting to happen. And where else can you shop, drink and dine inside the walls of a Roman emperor’s palace? Split really is like nowhere else on earth, a place where the old world and the new collide in spectacular ways.

Many Croatian yacht charters begin or end in Split, and this splendid city serves as our final destination in our Dubrovnik to Split Croatia Yachting Series.

Alternatively, if your charter yacht is heading northwards from Split, taking in the dreamy Kornati Islands to Zadar and up to Krk, Split is the first stop of your adventure. (Stay tuned for our upcoming Split-Krk charter guide.)

History :
Diocletian Still Rules in Split

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of Diocletian in Split’s history. While the Illyrians preceded the Romans, it was Emperor Diocletian’s decision in 295 BC to build his retirement palace in Split that would shape the city’s history, as well as its physical appearance to this day.

Panorama of Split, Croatia

Gorgeous Promenade

As anyone who’s been following along with our Bespoke Croatia Yachting Series will know, Dalmatia passed between the control of many empires throughout its history, and split is no exception to the rule, falling under the control of the Byzantines, Croat Kings, Venetians, Austrians, and Italians over the centuries.

Napoleon’s reign would see Riva transformed into the fine promenade it is today (the French being exceedingly good at all things boulevard), but it is Diocletian who still rules the hearts and minds of Split—so much so that the city square has daily re-enactments of his rule, and a ‘Days of Diocletian Festival’ each September, which transforms the city into parades of Roman legions.

Diocletian’s story

Is any other emperor in history so well-known and so well-loved? But then, with 3,000 residents living within the confines of the Diocletian’s Palace walls, the degree of local affection makes sense. After all, how many other people in modernity can say an ancient Roman emperor built their suburb?

A yacht charter in Split is the chance to be a part of Diocletian’s 1700 year old story.

What To Do

Explore or relax? On charter on idyllic Mljet, you can do both, almost effortlessly. Here are some of the highlights of a day and night on Mljet so you can plan your time here.

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